File Transfer Protocol is a standard network protocol used for transferring files. Secure file transfer protocol or FTPS is a more favored method of file transfer over the normal HTTP because it offers a secure connection and is faster.

Your options for sending big files are limited. You can’t send files larger than 10 MB using an email service because of the limited file attachment size. This is one of the reasons online file storage is a better option for transferring files than email services. You can share content with other people because you have a common point where the file is available. You can use a file transfer protocol client to send extra commands or you can use a website with an online FTP manager to manage files. Files sent through secure file transfer protocol is safer because it is encrypted using SSL. This method of transferring files is faster because it transmits raw data over the connection. HTTP transmits headers and Meta data before transmitting the data therefore prolonging transfer time because of information being transferred.

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