How Do FTP Server Commands Work?

File Transfer Protocol is a protocol service that allows files to be transferred from computers to networks and vice versa. The exchange of files can occur between user accounts, various computers and online software archives. You can access this service using graphical FTP clients where you log in using a username and password or you can access it via your web browser by entering the URL. Most computer operating systems today come with a FTP client. If you are comfortable using a file transfer protocol client, all you need to do is to enter the FTP Server Commands you need.

From your computer, you can transfer files just by entering a set of commands in the command prompt line. Take note that you will enter the commands into the local machine (the computer you are logged on to) to connect to the remote machine. These commands like “abor” (abort file transfer) and “quit” (terminate connection) all correspond to particular actions in the network; FTP is the mediator between the two machines and acts like an interpreter that makes sure certain actions are executed in the remote machine. Basically, the user sends FTP commands to be received by another network to facilitate the transfer of files.

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