The History of Our Office

The story of our office building is pretty fascinating, not something that everyone can say about where they go to work every morning.  SmartFile resides in a studio located in the Stutz Building in downtown Indianapolis, but this building only became a business center in 2004.  Before then, the Stutz Building used to be the headquarters and factory for one of America’s famous sports cars of the pre and post World War One era.

Does the name Stutz sound familiar?  That’s right.  The Stutz Bearcat, a sports car driven in the very first Indianapolis 500, was manufactured in our office building in addition to the later Blackhawk and Stutz sedans.  Having a Stutz, especially a Bearcat, was a major social symbol for the wealthy back then, but unfortunately, the factory had to shut its doors as the Great Depression hurt such companies who prided themselves on hand-built automobiles.

Now SmartFile shares its home with more than 150 other businesses, mostly artists of all sorts.  I get the honor of passing by their masterpieces hung up in the hallways as well as restored, antique Stutz sedans on my way to the office each morning—I couldn’t have it much better!

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