What Do All Hosting Companies Have in Common?

The answer to that is simple, more recurring revenue. The more services that you integrate into your product offering, the more opportunity you have for additional revenue. Additional services also give your customers more reasons to use you.

Obviously your services need to compliment each other. I think a common mistake most small businesses make is trying to offer everything from fried chicken to live bait. Don’t be lured by the thought of making additional revenue just by offering more services. We have heard it before, more isn’t always better; however, quality always is.

SmartFile has worked with resellers such as, IT service, telecom, and software providers. We are now making a push into the hosting arena. We know this market is underserved from a FTP, and file sharing perspective. We will be offering a truly integrated product that will allow our fellow hosters to provide a great service at ridiculously low prices. Contact our sales staff (sales@smartfile.com) for a live webinar.

SmartFile is a business file mangement platform that gives you more control, compliance and security.