Is FTP Outdated? How to Make it Better

I recently read an article that said, “FTP is an outdated technology that is difficult to use and difficult to administer.” I agree the old way of doing things can have its drawbacks, but there is a way to solve the problems from the past with the solutions of today. The issues of being outdated, difficult to use and difficult to administer are exactly what SmartFile solves through an easy web interface and accessible API.

SmartFile Brings FTP into this Century.

Even as old as FTP is, it is hands down the best way to send files. That is why it is called “File Transfer Protocol”. SmartFile brings FTP into this century with a web interface and API to make using and administering FTP easier.

SmartFile Makes FTP Easier to Use

One way SmartFile makes FTP easier is with a web interface. If you don’t want to deal with FTP you can upload and download your files through the web interface. You can copy, delete and move files through the web interface. And of course, you can create new directories.

Anything you can do through the web interface, you can also do through the API. We eat our own dog food here. That means the web interface uses the same API you would be using.

SmartFile Makes FTP Easier to Administer

Again, it’s easier with the web interface. You can manage users/groups and view the audit log.

From my developer perspective, the SmartFile API also makes FTP easier to administer by allowing you to bake actions into your core processes. Do you have in-house onboarding software? Set it up so when you add a user it hits the SmartFile API and automatically adds new users. Maybe you have SOP testing software and you don’t give access until all SOPs are passed. That would be another ideal place to add automatic user addition with the SmartFile API.

You Are in Control

When you have FTP, a web interface and access to an API, you take back control of your files. You have the power to automate and actually use computers to make our lives easier.

Every time I hear an argument about why FTP is outdated, hard to use and hard to administer I have to laugh because it’s actually easier than ever with SmartFile. We have solved those problems and added much more to FTP with our web interface and API. Check us out and make your life a little easier.

SmartFile is a business file mangement platform that gives you more control, compliance and security.