An Ideal Solution for Long-Term Storage of Important Files

Storing personal files like music, pictures and videos on DVDs isn’t suitable for long-term storage. DVDs use a dye to hold data. This dye fades after a while and the process is accelerated if the dye is exposed to UV light from the sun. When this happens, your data isn’t recoverable and lost forever. If you are looking for a long-term storage solution, consider online storage.

Online media storage is gaining popularity nowadays because it is easy to use and doesn’t need complicated setups. Any computer with an Internet connection will allow you to store and manage your data using your login details. This service also offers many safety features not available on conventional storage solutions. Some of the features are encrypted files and sessions, file and folder permissions and user account logins. You also have several ways of connecting to your storage account. You can use the provider’s backup program, an FTP client or a web based file management system.

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