The Importance of Online API Backup

API stands for Application Programming Interface. It refers to a group of specifications and rules that programs use to enable its users to access and utilize the features and services offered by another program which implements an API.

Online API backup is essential to program developers like you because it allows you to gain access to critical files and perform immediate updates or modifications. It also secures your files so even if your main computer has a problem, you can be sure that your files are safe.

In today’s world, the increased use of API can be best seen in how Web 2.0 applications work. Without this vital interface, photo-sharing websites such as Photobucket or Flickr would never be able to share their users’ photos with MySpace, Facebook, and other social networking websites. It is also because of this interface that Twitter users are able to have their live tweets displayed instantly on their Facebook accounts.

With an online back up program of the interface used for these applications, developers are able to troubleshoot any glitches or bugs right away, thus reducing downtime for users.

When choosing a file data storage service to provide backup space, you must consider several factors. The most important factor you have to look into is a service’s security features.  A back up service must be able to secure your files to avoid unauthorized access to your data.

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