Increase Team Productivity with Online File Sharing

If you are a team manager, you may have realized that managing a team and trying to keep tabs on what each member has done can be very difficult. Also, sending large files can be a pain, especially if you have to send files to each member of your team. If you are on a tight schedule, this can be a major setback on productivity.

Stop wasting time and increase your team’s productivity with an online storage for files. Sharing files has never been this convenient! With SmartFile, you are not stuck with just one method of file sharing. Some of your options are:

  1. share large files by sending a link where people can download the files they need
  2. give timed user sessions to specific folders

With these methods, you won’t have to worry about file size limitations set by your email service provider.

Managing files and knowing which files have been changed are also easier with online file management. With this service, you can assign different types of user access to members of your team. This way, it’s easy for you to determine who did what to which file.

All these features make managing a team a lot easier. This service saves time and increases the productivity of your team. You and the members of your team won’t have to struggle with sending and receiving large files. Try this amazing online data storage service by signing up for a free 14-day trial.

SmartFile is a business file mangement platform that gives you more control, compliance and security.