Introducing the Microsoft® Outlook Add-in for SmartFile Users

Did you hear that SmartFile recently released the world’s first and only responsive file-sharing web application? That’s right, our new user interface is optimized for viewing on any device. Easily access and manage files from your smartphone, tablet, laptop, and desktop. Don’t worry; your login, username, and password remain the same.

The new look and feel of SmartFile isn’t available for everyone just yet. Those who sign up for a free 14-day trial will experience it first hand. Current customers will need to let us know that they want the new UI (and they want it now!) before the official switch happens for everyone later this year. I’ll explain how to make the switch in a little bit, so keep reading!

So … why should current customers switch to the new SmartFile Web App? I’ll give you three reasons that work for new SmartFile users, too.

  1. Be one of the first to see SmartFile’s all-new responsive design in action. (It’s really cool, seriously.)
  2. Keep all feature functionality, including branding, when using SmartFile on a smartphone and/or tablet.
  3. New UI users gain access to the all-new Microsoft® Outlook Add-in (PC only).

Yes, you read that correctly! All new customers, as well as current customers who make the switch to the new UI early, can access our new Microsoft® for free. This add-in integrates with Outlook to make accessing stored files simple and easy. Once installed, you can add new files, retrieve existing files, and request uploads directly from your SmartFile account without ever leaving the email client. Talk about a great way to manage email attachments! No need to worry about attachment size, either!

We are super stoked to offer this new Outlook add-in to our valued customers and hope you find it as useful as we do.

Happy emailing! Feel free to share your feedback on the new responsive design in the comments below. We love hearing from you!

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