Limiting Users Access to Files/Folders

Lets say you have a folder that all of your clients log into. Within that you have a folder for each of your 4 clients and a “community” folder. You want them to be able to access their specific folder and the community folder but not have access to the other clients files. Here is how you would set that up.

For this example we will have a folder called Clients. In that folder will be folders called Client 1, Client 2, Client 3, Client 4, and Community. When creating the user you will set their home directory to Clients. Make sure that they have “Show Contents” permission only to that folder. Now give them full access to their folder by going to Actions -> Edit Access Rights to the right of the Client 1 folder.  Do the same by granting permissions to the Community folder. If you only want then to be able to download files in the community folder, check the show contents and download permissions and then click save.

Now when Client 1 logs in They will only be able to upload/download files in the Client 1 folder and download files from the community folder. They will not be able to view or edit any files in the other Client folders. These permissions will be in effect for both HTTP and FTP.

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