How to Mail Big File? Consider Using Online Storage

Email service only allows a limited size of attachments. You can also attach a maximum of 10MB of files. If you try to send more than that, you will get a sending mail error. How are you going to mail big file like a video or a photo in RAW format? You might want to consider using online storage service.

Are you wondering how to send large files using online storage? What you need to do is upload the files to your storage account then send the download links to the recipients. This way, other people can download the files using their computer. This service also offers several security features to protect your files. One of them is link expiration. This feature lets you set an expiration for the download link you sent out. This prevents unauthorized people downloading your files in case the link was copied. Another great feature is SSL channels for secure communication between your computer and the online file server. This can help protect files from being stolen during transfers.

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