Meet Our New Business Development Specialist

We’re happy to introduce the newest member of the SmartFile Team: Brian Kuntz! Brian is our new Business Development Specialist and will be responsible for expanding the SmartFile on-premise and off-premise file sharing presence with our Enterprise accounts.

He will be building off of the groundwork already laid to further increase market awareness and advise companies on how we can provide solutions that go beyond standard file sharing and data storage.

We asked Brian a few questions to help us get to know him better…

What are you the most excited about as a new member of the SmartFile Team?

It’s only been five days and I already feel like part of the team. I am excited about the enthusiasm and commitment that has been shared by each of the team members. Everyone has a genuine belief in our solutions and our company. I cannot wait to learn, contribute, and grow!I have to admit I am pretty pumped about the Friday afternoon basketball game of PIG too. I’ve been eyeing the trophy ever since I walked in the office. It sounds like I’ll have some pretty remarkable competition, though!

What do you expect from your experience here at SmartFile?

I expect GREATNESS! John Hurley and Ben Timby founded a fantastic company, and they have added key team members to help establish a groundbreaking solution in the file sharing and data storage industry. I’m looking forward to sharing that innovation and increasing our market reach. I anticipate there will be challenges along the way as I learn more about all of the different ways our clients can leverage our solutions, but I know it will be an exciting ride.

List three fun facts, GO!

Kuntz Memorial Soccer Stadium in Indianapolis is named after my grandfather, William F. Kuntz. He was a great man, who had a profound impact on many peoples’ lives. He died when I was younger, but to this day (29 years later), I continue to meet strangers who share incredible stories of his generosity, kindness, and compassion. I really enjoy coaching. From 2004-2007, four of my 1 cousins, my older brother, and I coached Holy Name Catholic grade school’s football team, which included two younger 1 cousins who played on the team. In 2007 that team won the CYO Cadet City Championship, and it was amazing to see all of the players’ hard work pay off.  So, in total, six relatives and I were fortunate enough to be a part of a team of 26. As you might expect by that ratio, I have a very large extended family. I have had the opportunity to help coach seven younger 1 cousins in various sports, including basketball, soccer, and football. I think sometimes people get tired of me telling stories that start with “my cousin”. I am a Colts, Boilermaker, and Pacers fanatic, but what many people don’t know is that I follow MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) with as much fanaticism. In fact, once MMA was sanctioned in Indiana, I became one of the initial inspectors responsible for regulating events and ensuring fighters’ safety. I was fortunate enough to actually be an inspector for the first UFC event to come to Indianapolis. UFC 119 was amazing, and to be candid, I was a bit enamored walking out to 15,000+ fans cheering at Conseco Fieldhouse. I was simply walking the fighters to the cage, so, clearly the cheers were not for me, but it’s hard not to feel the adrenaline as if the fans were cheering for you.

On behalf of SmartFile, we’re excited to welcome Brian to our team! We’ll see you at the PIG game on Friday… you’d better bring your “A” game!

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