Migrating FTP Servers Has Never Been Easier

We are completely confident that once you try SmartFile you will love it. However, moving your files from one server to another is a major pain. You are essentially moving your files twice. Once to download the files to your local machine. Then again to to upload them to the new FTP server. This can be a huge time commitment and may make it not worth switching FTP servers. That is why SmartFile has introduced the ability to Import Files directly from you existing server. Remote File Transfer will cut your transfer time in half. You can now pull files directly into your account from any http:// or ftp:// address. By using an FTP address with a wildcard (*) you can move the entire contents of your existing service in one easy step.

 You’re probably thinking, “Thats a cool feature for someone who only has a few gigs of files, but I have hundreds of gigs to transfer.” That much data would take a long time to transfer and you dont want to have to wait days for the transfer to complete. For that much data you would use the SmartFile Concierge Service. We would overnight you a USB hard drive with a return lable to overnight it back. Once you get it just copy your files to the hard drive, slap on the return sticker and send it out. When we receive the drive back your files will immediately be transfered directly to the server. You will be accessing your files in a matter of hours instead of days.

With so many simple options migrating over to a new FTP server has never been easier. All of the hang ups with transferring your data SmartFile has already tackled. Click Here to try SmartFile today and have all of your files accessable tomorrow.

SmartFile is a business file mangement platform that gives you more control, compliance and security.