The Move to Become Paper-less

According to the EPA and the MSW Characterization data sheet released in 2010, the United States uses about 71 million tons of paper and paperboard each year.  Of these 71 million tons generated each year, the American Forest and Paper Association concludes that 2 billion books, 350 million magazines, and 24 million newspapers are published.

And I conclude that that’s a lot of paper.

While scanning the web this morning, I came across a great article published on Businessweek’s website.  The article was about a construction company and their recent switch to Egnyte’s file sharing system.  The problem was that the amount of paper the construction company needed for an airport renovation project was too excessive, too expensive, and too insecure.  Construction drawings and blueprints are huge, and for one terminal renovation, the company printed five sets of drawings, each set taking 10 rolls of paper weighting 800 pounds and costing 2,000 each.  Not only that, but having so many papers lying around causes a security concern; it’s only a matter of time until some of the drawings are lost, ruined, stolen, etc.  As a result, the construction crew entrusted themselves in technology and saved a great deal of time and money by acquiring iPads and a new file sharing system like Egnyte’s.  This way, everyone had the files they needed anywhere at anytime in a more secure location.

I found this testimonial fabulous, as it depicted everything that file sharing has to offer.  Not only can SmartFile sync all of your devices with the same files, set permission based folders for easy control and organization, transfer large files such as CAD files without the need to install software, etc., but we can help you be more efficient while saving time, money, and, of course, paper.

To read Businessweek’s article, click here.

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