Offer Custom Branded FTP Services to Your Customers

Online data storage allows data to be accessed through a website panel or through an FTP client. You don’t need to install anything or buy additional hardware to use this type of service. This can be very convenient for businesses with limited office space for additional hardware and network servers. Files are also securely exchanged through an SSL encrypted connection. It is also possible to set folder restrictions and several levels of user limitations. This prevents unauthorized access to important business files.

Because of the many benefits of this service, a lot of businesses have been using it for effective file management. This goes without saying that this service has a very high earning potential. If you want to increase your income, why not be an online data storage reseller?

SmartFile allows you to sell storage solutions to your customers with our Backup Private Label reseller program. You can have your own domain name with a custom logo and branding under your business name. Billing, order processing and account management are all handled within your website. This makes it easy to integrate the service to your current business processes.

Try our service for free for 14 days and share your own story to your prospective clients about how easy file management has been for you when you started using an online data storage service.

SmartFile is a business file mangement platform that gives you more control, compliance and security.