Offer Online File Storage Service to Your Clients

Sending and receiving files through email attachments can never be as effective as a business-class online file sharing service. You can now offer your clients this great service and increase your revenue at the same time.

A file transfer protocol site is a convenient and secure venue to share and store files. We take your business up a notch by offering you a reseller program that allows you to offer better business solutions to your clients. This allows your customers to enjoy the benefits of an online storage service. Offering your clients another service apart from your main products and services can help strenghten your relationship with your customers and improve client loyalty as you are able to provide all your clients’ business needs.

Here are some of the processes you can do with the reseller kit.

  1. Process orders by integrating a customized customer signup in your website.
  2. Automatically update customer information, manage billing and orders.
  3. Integrate your credit card processing with our system. If you don’t have a billing system, you can easily use our billing system on your website.

SmartFile is the leading online storage solutions in the industry today. Our Private Label Program allows your client’s existing system to be seamlessly integrated with our business solutions. Aside from this, it allows multi-level branding of storage sites. You can let your clients have a custom branded storage site with their own domain name under your brand. All of these can be done through the reseller control panel.

SmartFile is a business file mangement platform that gives you more control, compliance and security.