Online File Data Storage, a Safer Way to Back Up Files

There are many computer back-up programs available on the market today. Most software backs up your data by creating an image of your drive and storing it in an external device. If you don’t have an external device, you may back up your computer in a hidden partition of your hard drive. This method of backing up files is prone to data loss because when your hard drive fails, your back-up drive fails too. You’ll lose all your files. Unless you don’t want to recover your files anymore, you’d spend about $100 per MB of data for your data recovery service. If you don’t want these hassles, you can opt for a better back-up method like online storage.

Online file data storage is a safer way to back up your files. This service stores your files on online servers which are RAID configured. This is to protect your files through redundancy in case one drive fails. It also features an encrypted connection during transfer to secure your data. With online storage for files, you can set the program to do an automated scheduled back up.

SmartFile offers online file data storage. With your SmartFile account, you get a copy of Smart back up software. This program efficiently backs up your data and stores it online. Take advantage of our 14 day free trial now and see how convenient it is to have this service.

SmartFile is a business file mangement platform that gives you more control, compliance and security.