Online Storage: A Photographer’s Best Friend

As a photographer, it is expected that you’ll always need to manipulate image files. Many photographers use RAW files for their photographs as these image files are easier to edit than other file types. However, RAW files take up a lot of space. Storing them in your hard drive or portable file storage devices may not be enough.

Aside from file storage, another concern most photographers have is sending big files to clients and colleagues. It’s hard to do this if you are only depending on your email service. While you may compress the images to make each of the files smaller, this will ruin the quality of your photos not to mention take a bunch of unnecessary time.

If you are looking for a solution for these problems, you may want to consider getting an online file storage service. With this service, you can easily store, back up and send large image files. You won’t have to worry about losing your files because of hard drive problems. You can easily back them up through the online server using the drag and drop feature of the service. You can share your files with your clients and friends by giving them access to specific folders in your account. You may opt to just send them a password-protected link where they can download the files they need.

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