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Today, the Internet is not just for research, entertainment and networking. With the advent of online storage services, the Internet became an important service for professionals and businesses in various industries.

In logistics, companies need an effective online file management service so they can effectively provide services to their clients. Planning and monitoring deliveries of goods means people need to access various files at the same time. With an online file server, data is readily available for downloading and editing.

Graphic designers need online media storage so they can conveniently share hi-res images and large files to their clients and other members of the creative team. With unlimited connections, timed-user sessions and file-2-email capabilities, they can allow specific people to view, download and edit their files without repeatedly sending these files each time somebody needs to do something with them.

In banking, an online file service can provide a secure way of managing data through file encryption. This type of service also offers auditing and reporting so entrepreneurs can easily check which files have been updated and who has done the update.

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