Online Storage Allows a Secure Way to Share Large Files

If you are having problems sharing large files like videos to other people, you should consider getting an online storage service. Instead of using email service to

send large chunks of files, online storage can help you transfer files to multiple users easily. This service also features several safety features to protect your data from loss and unauthorized access.

You can share large files with other users by uploading the file to the file server. Then, send out download links to users you would like to share the file with. This method lets them download the file directly from their computer. The links have an expiration to ensure that only the recipient can access the file.

This method is much better than splitting a large file into smaller chunks in order not to go over the limit of email attachments. Online media storage is more convenient because you can access your files anywhere without carrying extra devices with you. Your data can be accessed through the Internet using an FTP client or a web based file management system.

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