Outsource Your Centralized Storage for Data Security and Increased Efficiency

A lot of businesses nowadays outsource most of their internal processes. This is a good way of maximizing resources and reducing overhead expenses. Centralized storage is one of the resources you might want consider outsourcing. You can get an online file sharing service to securely store all your company data without the hassle of owning a storage server.

Having your own storage server has a lot of operational costs. You need to pay for the new equipment, labor costs for maintenance and electric costs. Also there’s a risk of losing your data if your network gets infected by a virus or a natural calamity hits your facility. With online file storage service, your files are safely stored in a remote server with redundant storage mirrors. You can also set permission levels for your employees so that only authorized personnel can perform file actions like copying, deleting, moving and storing files. Also your data exchanges are secure because connections are encrypted with SSL.

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SmartFile is a business file mangement platform that gives you more control, compliance and security.