Permissions: Who has Access within your File Sharing Network

Before SmartFile, having multiple group projects was a nightmare.  I would be constantly worried about keeping track of files and sending them to the right people.  There were countless times when I would get mixed up and put files in the wrong place.

Now with SmartFile, not only can I save my files in a safe place, but I can also manage what people are able to see and do with each of them. SmartFile helps you to stay organized and control your employees’ access to files. Let me lay out how I’ve solved my recent problems.

Every time that I work on a project, I create a new group that includes each person that I am working with on SmartFile.  Then, I create a folder that applies to each group. This allows me to quickly assign each group to the perspective folders without any trouble.  If I want to, I can add or remove users from each group by editing them.  This is exactly what you can do with your employees to control which files each person is allowed to see.  Instead of finding a folder to send to a group of people, you can create groups and allow them access to certain folders. Sharing becomes much less of a hassle for me after I learned about this.

Once you have created your groups, you get to decide what everyone is allowed to see or do within the folder or file.  After you select the folder in SmartFile, all you have to do is click on “Access,” and everything will begin to fall into place.  Now, add the users/ groups that you want to manage.  This does NOT mean that you are giving them permission to the folder.  It simply means that you are about to decide how much access that they are allowed to have, which may include none at all.  Finally, you just have to check the boxes that apply to your needs for these people.  And if you want to change these permissions at any point, you can do so with ease by going through the same process.  It is even possible to control permissions for each file within every folder.

By controlling permissions, I have been able to communicate with my different groups without any problems.  They see what I want them to see and nothing else.  This keeps me organized and focused on my different projects. And it can do the same thing for you!

Do you have any questions about permissions on SmartFile? Share in the comments below.

SmartFile is a business file mangement platform that gives you more control, compliance and security.