No Really, We’re Popular

So, remember all of the talk about how file sharing is becoming a growing necessity?  Well, the results are in…and boy, has it skyrocketed.  According to a press release provided by Palo Alto Networks on Wall Street Journal’s Market Watch, point-to-point file sharing bandwidth consumption has grown 700 percent between November 2011 and May 2012.  This substantial increase in bandwidth consumption now brings P2P file sharing applications to make up 14% of all bandwidth used and observed, taking the lead in terms of application growth.  Looks like we’re in the right market…

As amazing as these numbers are, the results do take into consideration insecure file sharing sites, such as those used to illegally download music and other file formats.  To elaborate on my previous blog, Survey Says: Watch Out For Insecure File Sharing, file sharing is obviously becoming popular, but it’s important to make sure that the file sharing sites used are secure.  Too many times, data is stolen or even lost due to the lack of realizing how dangerous it is to share confidential files on a system that is saturated with hackers.  You don’t want your data stolen, and we don’t want your information stolen either.

In short, do your homework.  Look for a system that is reliable and a company that is just as serious as you are about data security.  That way, you can breath a breath of fresh air in knowing that your company’s assets are snuggled, safe, and secure.

To view Palo Alto Network’s press release, click here.

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