Protecting Your Audio Recordings from Loss During Unexpected Circumstances

If you work a lot with audio recordings, you probably know that a perfect take can be difficult to re-record. What would you do if after a good recording or while editing a song, the power goes out and your UPS wasn’t able to keep your computer on? Or if suddenly your computer crashes in the middle of your job? Wouldn’t it be nice if you had a secure storage medium where you can store important files and not worry about losing them?

If you are looking for a reliable storage medium, you might want to consider online media storage. What makes it different from other storage solutions is that you can do a remote file transfer using an FTP client or web file manager. Your data is transferred using SSL encrypted channels and stored in a remote server with a redundant storage system. It also lets you retrieve files anywhere there is Internet. If you need to go out of town, you can download your files and work on them. You don’t have to worry about losing your files during accidents like spilling liquids on your computer or a virus infection.

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