A Quick Glance at Our Permission Based Folders

After receiving loads of feedback, we’ve identified our special sauce: permission based folders. SmartFile lets you get fancy with the amount of control you have over your files, making your life easy!  Let me tell you how…

  • Let’s start simple.  SmartFile allows you to create unlimited folders with an unlimited amount of users without the need to download any software, something that already puts us ahead of our competitors.
  • Set your users’ home folders, giving them limited control over what they can access in your system of files.  For example, create an Accounting folder, and set it as ‘Home’ for all of your accounting geniuses so they can’t see what goes on in any other sector of your business.
  • Users can even be identified in a hierarchical arrangement based on the amount of control you want them to have in regards to adding, deleting, or editing users in their assigned home folders, with the ability to label them as User, Manager, or Administrator.  For instance, the Administrators of the Marketing folder could be the only ones to have the power to add/delete/edit users in that folder.  You can even further advance the permissions of these hierarchical titles if you like!
  • Also, with these users you have created, SmartFile allows you to set permissions on each individual, identifying whether they can see content, upload, download, move/copy, delete, or even create directories in the folders that they are assigned to.  Administrators of a folder could even have this authority, if you want.
  • Set expiration dates on a user’s access to a folder, protecting your files from unwanted access after sharing files with others for a project or for reference.

As you can tell, the opportunities are endless!  With this much control, it’s amazing what you can do with your data.

SmartFile is a business file mangement platform that gives you more control, compliance and security.