Quick Tips: Using Twitter For Your Business

As Twitter is getting more and more popular nowadays, on-the-go individuals are looking more at their Twitter accounts than Facebook.  Twitter is meant for short-term posts, a way to engage readers through a 140 character elevator pitch, if you will.  You have to be strategic, as your words will ultimately be the test to having multiple ‘tweeters’ click on your links, blog sites, photos, etc.  Here are some ways to exercise good Twitter practices for successful social media marketing:

  • Incorporate Big Reveals and Giveaways to Twitter Followers

This gives your followers a reason to stay up-to-date with what your company is up to.  Create clever contests online, like photo competitions, to get your followers involved.  You can also use Twitter as a means of revealing new product launches, like SmartFile did.  Generate relevant hashtags that your followers can use to help get your product launch trending in the Twitter community.

  • Control Your Content

‘Tweeting’ is not easy, it takes some knowledge as to what your followers are looking for in a good post.  With that said, links to blogs, pictures, or articles always go over well.  Do remember the best strategy to get your business trending is to provide your followers with information that is relevant and useful to them.  This means that pushing your company through every tweet is a big no-no.  Tweet interesting facts, stories, realizations, or even about the office.  People would rather read about the prior than to scroll through unoriginal sales pitches.  Managing your tweets so that followers will look forward to them is always a good thing.  Weekly tweets on “Fridays At the Office” or “Industry News Tuesday” are always a nice touch.

  • Manage Your Tweeting Schedule

GrabInbox is a tool that SmartFile uses to schedule tweets in advance, saving a lot of time while creating very consistent tweets throughout the day.  It’s a great tool for when traveling to trade shows or when you’ll be out of the office for the weekends.  That way, your company continues to have a positive presence on Twitter even though you’re not in the office!

SmartFile is a business file mangement platform that gives you more control, compliance and security.