Are you a business owner with an established customer base or an organization with a big network? If you are looking for more ways to serve your clientele and earn money, SmartFile is offering a reseller program that can help you earn a good profit and give better service to your customers or network.

How does this work?

We can integrate our online storage and FTP services with your business so you can easily manage your customers’ businesses. With our service, you don’t only rebrand your business but also your clients’ accounts. You can use your domain name to allow your clients to create their own account. If your clients prefer to use their own domain name, you can also offer that service through our private label program.

There is no limit to what we can offer your business and your clients. With the demand for innovation, an online storage website is a must to help you organize your business. Managing multiple sites and different clients will be very easy with our easy to use control panel.

The success of a business lies in proper management. Let us help you manage your business and increase your productivity by integrating our services to yours.

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I am the Director of Client Services at SmartFile. My job is to make sure customers are happy with the SmartFile Web App and continue to use it. I am also responsible for being awesome 100% of the time. So far my record is flawless.

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