A Safe Way to Back Up Data Without Additional Hardware

Many businesses rely on data backup devices to keep important company data. However, most rely on storage hardware that can be very expensive or has limited capabilities in sharing files. It would be better to invest in a service that lets you securely access your files anywhere.

Common storage solutions like a network attached storage can be expensive and hard to maintain. There is also a possibility of  files being inaccessible if the system gets hit by a virus. This puts data at risk of corruption or loss and may lead to problems, especially if your business relies on timely data transfer. Sensitive information like customer records should be protected from loss because of the impact it causes. It would be better to get a service that  stores data in an online dedicated file server that allows secure sharing.

Help your customers improve their business processes with the storage service offered by SmartFile. Provide them with solutions that can help make a difference in sharing and backing up data. We offer a Backup Private Label reseller program so you can offer our services under your business name. With easy integration to your system, you can immediately start selling our services and earn money.

SmartFile is a business file mangement platform that gives you more control, compliance and security.