Secure Bank Data Transfer Through

Banks are one of the many businesses that need secure file management measures to avoid unauthorized data access. Because of this, banks are very careful of the system they use for storing data. Many of them often invest in expensive servers where they can store important files.

Servers, even with appropriate security layers, are still at risk of attacks, unauthorized data access and data loss. When your main server is down due to a virus threat or a root kit, you may not be able to perform essential business processes which may lead to transaction delays. The entire bank can be at a standstill all because the main server is not working properly. How then will you send and receive important files from different sectors of your company? To avoid this problem, you can use a secure FTP software.

Secure File Transfer Protocol is one of the features of the best online storage sites on the market today. You are able to authorize individuals who can upload, download and edit files. This way, you are in control of the files you share and how the files are manipulated. With effective auditing and reporting, you can easily identify individuals who accessed your data, when they accessed your folders and what they did with your files.

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