Secure File Transfer Protocol for Websites

Many companies have started using File Transfer Protocol to exchange data within their systems and send large files to their clients. With FTP, you can secure your data by restricting access to unauthorized personnel and using other security features to protect your company’s  information. File Transfer Protocol alone is already a secure method of transferring files, however, if you want more security for your company’s data, you can opt for Secure File Transfer Protocol or SFTP.

Network File Transfer is the most efficient way of moving documents online. More than the exchange of files, SFTP is useful in maintaining your website. As a website developer, you can add this feature and a lot more to your offered package and have your clients upload their business data through your system.

Taking advantage of SmartFile’s Private Label Program is a good alternative to earning profit from your already established online community or business. You don’t even have to be very knowledgeable on File Transfer Protocol concepts to be a successful reseller. One of our integration specialists will help you get everything done so you can start earning immediately. You can also use our marketing materials to help you sell our services to your established clientele.

SmartFile is a business file mangement platform that gives you more control, compliance and security.