Secure File Transfers: A Must for All Computer Users

Many computer users are going online to share and transfer files instead of using external storage devices to store and share data because it is faster and more convenient to send data online. If you are always sending files to other people through an email service, you know how hard it is to share a big file that has gone over the size limit for your email service provider. Some people have gone to the lengths of chopping a video into smaller segments just so they can send the file to another person.

Because of technological advancements and web development, you can now mail a big file easier without worrying about size limits. Many users have started using an online file management service so they can do these tasks efficiently. With this service, you can make secure file transfers and not worry about having your files accessed by unauthorized individuals.

A web-based file management system offered by SmartFile is packed with a lot of features like a web based control panel so you don’t need to know command lines to use our FTP service, a file-2-email feature where you can send a link to the files you want to share with other people, a virtual hard drive and timed user sessions where you can allow somebody to access your folders for a specified time. You can have all these by signing up for our service. Take advantage of our free 14 day trial today.

SmartFile is a business file mangement platform that gives you more control, compliance and security.