A Secure Method of Storing Financial Documents

Most accounting firms prefer storing financial documents in electronic copies instead of ledgers because they don’t take up physical space and are easier to implement. However, virus infections, hackers, unexpected system break downs and computer failures are some of the risks that can cause document losses. You might want to consider getting a remote storage solution to store your files securely.

Common methods of storing files like flash drives and disks can cause clutter in your office. Flash drives are also prone to virus infections especially if they are plugged to different computers. Discs cannot be used to store files for a long time because the dye in the disc fades after a while or if exposed to UV rays. These storage methods also do not have security features to prevent unauthorized access. If you are looking for a good alternative, consider online media storage. This service lets you do a remote file transfer through a secure SSL encrypted connection. With different user permission levels, files and folders can only be accessed by authorized personnel.

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