Send a Big File Easily Using Online File Data Storage Service

Sending  large file through email can be a problem. Email service only limits file attachments to 10MB. This means if you want to share a 600MB video, the only way to send it is to divide the file to 10MB chunks. This process can be time-consuming and take too much effort. For a faster and simpler way of sending large files, consider getting an online storage service.

How does online media storage let you send large files? Instead of directly sending the files to the recipient, you upload them to your storage account. You then send other users the download link for the files. This gives you the advantage of sending files simultaneously to multiple users. This service also allows you to set an expiration date for the download links. This is a security feature that prevents the recipient from sending the links to unauthorized people. The link will become useless after the specified time.

Easily share large files with online file data storage service. SmartFile is a trusted provider of online storage solutions. You may want to sign up for a 14-day free trial to see how this service can change the way you share large files.

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