Sending Large Files Through An Email Service May Not Be that Effective

The common method of sending files to colleagues is through an email service. However, if you are planning to send a very large file, email won’t do. Email service has an attachment limit of 10MB. You can try splitting the files into smaller chunks but this method can take a very long time to complete. Splitting a 5GB video would result in hundreds of files. For a practical and reliable method of sending files, consider a FTP online storage service.

An online storage service is very efficient and reliable because you can upload a file several gigs in size and send out download links to multiple recipients. The recipients can then download the files directly from their end. Just imagine the time and effort you can save with online storage. This service also offers secure sharing through encrypted data channels, file encryption and user access limitations. Your files can be managed through a web based file manager or a file transfer protocol client. This makes it easy for you to update the files you intend to share.

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