How to Share Your Entire DropBox (or Select Folders) with Employees, Clients & Friends

Everyone knows about Dropbox by now. It’s that amazing app that lets everyone share and sync his or her files with great ease.  Who wouldn’t want to sign up and join the DropBox revolution?  Heck, with a free account anyone can get up to 18 GB free…that’s incredible!  There are a few things that make it less desirable for business but overall its usefulness can’t be denied.

One drawback in particular is sharing all your DropBox files with anyone and everyone.  There are ways to do this through links and sharing folders but it’s not quite what DropBox is meant to do.  FileHub by SmartFile integrates with DropBox so you can better manage your files with as many users as you want.

FileHub connects with your DropBox and gives you access to your entire file directory.  It’s a very simple process that has a lot of added benefits, such as:

  • User specific folder access – Give access to only certain folders and restrict what certain users can or can’t see
  • Custom list, download, upload and delete user permissions – You decide which users can do everything and which users can only do one specific thing.
  • Company branded communication – Using SmartFile to manage your DropBox means that your logo will be used everywhere.  When you give access to users, send files and in email notifications you will not see the DropBox logo for those files.
  • FTP access – When you have big files that you want to upload to Dropbox you can now go through any FTP client.

So here are the steps for you:

Step 1. Get a DropBox account

Step 2. Get a SmartFile account

Step 3. Connect your DropBox to your SmartFile via FileHub

Step 4. Give access and start sharing files

So if your business (or just you personally) wants to have a way to not only manage your DropBox files through simple and easy to use web interface but also restrict access, control user permissions, deliver branded content and connect through FTP, then the answer is SmartFile.

Need to Share Your DropBox Files and Folders? Try SmartFile for Free for 14 Days!

SmartFile is a business file mangement platform that gives you more control, compliance and security.