Cloud computing is gaining popularity because of its convenience and simplicity. End users do not need special configurations or complicated equipment. The service is delivered to you through a local network or through the Internet where all of the resources required are in a centralized location. Online storage is one of the services delivered by cloud computing. This service offers a very convenient and safe way to back up and share important files.

Online file data storage has several advantages over conventional storage mediums. This service allows you to store and retrieve files anywhere. All you need is a mobile computing device with an Internet connection. You can either use an FTP client or a web browser to management your files. Online storage also features tight security measures like access restrictions, SSL encrypted transfers and user account accessibility. You also do not need to carry extra equipment with you just to be able to access your files.

SmartFile is one of the reliable online storage providers on the market today. With our several years of expertise, we ensure that you get excellent service. If you want to learn how our service can improve the way you share and store files, sign up today for our 14-day free trial.

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