The New SmartFile API 2.0

With the new UI released and available to the public we have also unveiled new documentation on the API behind it.  This new release is leaps and bounds better than our old 1.0 API.  So you might be wondering, what’s so great about this new version?  Why are we so excited?  Let’s answer a few of those questions…

So what is new?

This API is brand new and built from the ground up.  Our engineers redesigned all the code to preform more efficiently.  They used different and more modern tools that drastically expand the functionality of SmartFile as a whole.  Overall, it’s a brand new beast that leaves the old version in the dust.

What are some of the improvements?

This is my favorite quote from our engineering team is “We eat our own dog food now”.  This perfectly explains our new approach that our web application and any future projects will be built on top of our new API.  This means that the API is an integral part of our software and not just a separate service we provide.

The new API covers 100% of our functionality.  There is robust error handling that provides detailed error messages.  The API is self documenting, and can be called from a browser, making debugging and learning very easy.

What can the API be used for?

Whatever your imagination can think up.  The API can be used to add file storage capabilities to any software!


We are currently in the process of developing full API client libraries for many different languages.  We want to ensure that integration is as simple as installing the client library and calling the functions.  SmartFile encourages the open-source community to help build and add to this amazing project.  Everything regarding the API and its development is an open source project in GitHub and is written in Python.  Please check us out and come up with an integration of your own.  If you need help or have questions, start a thread on FormStack or contact us through our suggestions page or email.


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