SmartFile Challenges You to Get Involved!

Some people work a constant schedule of 9-to-5, and others tend to have a more flexible workweek.  All in all, time management is tough.  We all want to allot the rest of those hours for family, friends, and even ourselves; however, our careers usually call dibs on the majority of our days during the week.  With all of these obligations calling to your attention, it seems as if your life would be easier if a day was 48 hours instead of a measly 24.

Time is precious; we get that.  But, something just as important to squeeze into your schedule is philanthropy, and usually, it gets left on the backburner.  Community service, for individuals and businesses, is crucial for development and emits a powerful lesson that cannot be understood in a lecture hall, on the television, or in the conference room.  Letting individuals or your employees get a hands-on experience in the lives of others shows them how powerful they can be and also helps them get in tune with the community surrounding them, without the outlet of simply cutting a check.

So, with that said, SmartFile has plans to be philanthropic this summer, and we are encouraging and challenging you to do the exact same.  Find organizations in your surrounding area or check out Companies With A Mission at to learn about even larger service projects.

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