SmartFile Editing Feature Soon To Be Released

Not only does file sharing make your professional life a little easier, but SmartFile has added some hot new features to spice up your experience.  Of course, you’ve probably heard about our infamous virtual links, allowing users in your account to share files and directories with anyone outside of SmartFile.  You’ve also probably heard of our awesome custom branding, a way in which SmartFile voluntarily disappears from your account to essentially help your company build professional relationships with your clients.  Don’t forget about FileHub, SmartCare, and all of our other cool highlighted features, elements of our SmartFile application that allow you to conjoin your SmartFile and Dropbox accounts in addition to providing a personal front-of-the-line customer service program to Enterprise users.

So, how could SmartFile get any better, right?  Good question, and we’ve got a great answer.  Along with simple file sharing, SmartFile will soon allow you to edit your files within your account, creating an even more convenient application with which to collaborate ideas and make quick changes to important files regarding your company.  View PDFs, CAD files, photos, movies, and other file formats easily. With the ability to edit your Word documents, Excel files, and photos directly on your site, SmartFile will save you time and money with our soon-to-be-released editing feature.  Exciting, huh?       

SmartFile is a business file mangement platform that gives you more control, compliance and security.