SmartFile Goes to the Indy 500!

Steering away from the normal business blog spiel, SmartFile is at the Indy 500!  A normal company outing may consist of a quaint picnic outside in a shaded park, but I’m proud to say SmartFile really knows how to choose their employee get-togethers.  Supporting the Indianapolis 500 is what we do best, and if that requires sitting out in the boiling hot heat for hours with gobs of sunscreen…well, we’ve got that covered, literally.

Adding on to my blog post from yesterday, and on a more serious note, this type of informal occasion between colleagues is healthy, and an event like the Indy 500 is definitely a way to break the ice between most people.  Even if company get-togethers like this may not seem to be your cup of tea, try it anyway.  At least it will make you feel more at ease with the people you surround yourself with 40 hours a week.

So with that said, SmartFile wishes you an excellent (and safe!) Indy 500 weekend. May the races begin!

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