The New SmartFile is Going Live

SmartFile is announcing the new and improved Version 2 release.  A lot of our current customers have already been using this version, however for some it will be a brand new experience.  No functionality is being taken away or removed but there is a lot that is being added…

  1. Bigger & Better Branding – A larger company logo & more customization for your company.  A brand new template system gives us access to more colors from your brand and also favicons that will display in your tabbed browser.
  2. Tab Style Navigation – New and improved tabbed navigation is in place to make browsing easier.  Flip back and forth between the tabs to access what you need faster.  Depending on your access permissions you might see different options.
  3. FileHub & SmartApps – This a new feature we are most excited about.  With FileHub you can connect to DropBox and other cloud accounts.  Use your branding, alerts and unlimited users with your DropBox files!  Also our SmartApps will let you view files, edit images, watch videos & more.
  4. User Dropdown Menu – This is your one stop shop for everything about you and your account.  Find your user info, subscription plan, help content, and your log out link.  Again, depending on your access permissions you might see different options.
  5. Instant Search – Our new search feature give you immediate results for the current folder you are browsing.  Filter your results as you type! Find your files quickly without even finishing your query.  Also our advanced search lets you dive in deeper and search your entire archive with many different options.
  6. Heads Up Info Panel – This is a new information panel that is designed to give you immediate access to all the information for the selected file or folder.  You can control everything from access rights, file size, tags, attributes, links created, activity stats, and alert notifications.

This transition has a lot of benefits from our older version, too many to list really.  You will see an increase of upload and download speeds, better response time navigating in the app, and a more intuitive user experience altogether…just to name a few.  We hope that everyone enjoys the new product and is able to take advantage of all the new features!  So many more exciting improvements and additions to come with this new version so stay tuned!  Thanks everyone for your continued support and keep sharing smart!

In addition to these changes our new API 2.0 has also been released.  This is our brand new, built from the ground up, from scratch platform that our software is built on.  It is an open source REST-based API that is open to the public to develop and integrate with.  We’re excited about the possibilities our power platform holds for future development.

SmartFile is a business file mangement platform that gives you more control, compliance and security.