SmartFile Returns From Graph Expo 2012

After a long weekend of hauling the entire office up to Chicago for Graph Expo 2012, SmartFile came out on top with tons of great feedback about the new SmartFile release.  Not only that, but attending Graph Expo offered SmartFile a worthwhile experience to learn from while gaining momentum in the development of file sharing technology.

John Hurley and Brian Dowden, SmartFile’s president and director of client services respectively, along with a few other SmartFile representatives, made the trek to Chicago to introduce the brand new SmartFile application released this past weekend.  New features, such as FileHub and SmartCare, were highlighted, as well as the very attractive giveaway of free Starbucks coffee at the booth!  And witnessing the amount of equipment brought with the crew to the trade show, it looks like our SmartFile team would have needed an extra boost of caffeine…  The team also launched the new website integration, allowing organizations or individuals to put code on their sites to give clients the ability to post files directly to SmartFile at their convenience.

Overall, the reputation and reliance of SmartFile is growing as the company expands its efforts in attending informative trade shows like Graph Expo.   Trust us, SmartFile may be showing up at a trade show near you.

SmartFile is a business file mangement platform that gives you more control, compliance and security.