SmartFile Solution for Remote Working

So, you’re a sales associate in a local retailing company. Due to increase in demand for your product, sales have been skyrocketing and now your company is looking to expand to other regions in the United States. The company is looking at you and your professional sales skills to travel the country making relationships with potential clients and looking for real estate to increase store numbers. You realize that, since you will be traveling the majority of the time, you will not have access to your office computer to access corporate documents at your convenience. Also, the documents that you will be needing are often too large to send through secure email, leaving you on the road without the information you need to make sales and to expand your company.

Your solution? SmartFile, of course! SmartFile is perfect for the remote worker, giving you instant access to shared documents between account users on your file sharing site. By being a user on your company’s SmartFile account, you will be able to download confidential company documents while on the road. No need to worry about large email attachments either. Share unlimited sized files with users or even non-users through virtual links, allowing your clients to download documents directly from SmartFile at your convenience. Better yet, SmartFile is a secure, authorized file sharing site, keeping your information safe from hackers.

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SmartFile is a business file mangement platform that gives you more control, compliance and security.