A Better Storage Solution for Multimedia Content

Most home theater systems employ computers as their main media player. A HTPC or a home theater personal computer is capable of playing high definition videos, displaying pictures and playing audio files. This makes it a one-box solution for all of your media.

Most multimedia content comes in the form of digital downloads. It is important to back them up so you won’t lose them in case your HTPC fails. NAS is the most common file data storage solution for home theater systems. However, they can be expensive because you need to buy additional equipment, and they consume electricity which adds to your monthly bill. For a better solution, consider an online file storage service. This storage medium doesn’t need additional equipment because you store files in a remote server through the Internet. It’s also safer from data loss because the remote servers have RAID in them. Data is mirrored to other drives so in case one fails, there will still be a copy on another one. The drives are hot swappable so the server doesn’t need to be shut down when changing faulty disks.

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