The Best Storage Solution for Music Lovers

A music enthusiast would naturally have a large music collection comprised of audio CDs and high quality digital files. Given the quantity of these files, the person may be required to have a backup using various storage devices. The problem is, CDs and DVDs are prone to disc damage due to scratches. You can burn some of your data on a recordable CD or DVD. However, the dye used on the discs can fade due to UV exposure from the sun or through the aging process. You can also use a hard drive for these files, but that too can fail eventually after a while.

You can now use the Internet to store your precious music collection. This is done through an FTP online storage service. This service is easy to use, offering great features. This service has data centers with an isolated front end and data storage farm. The storage farm has redundant disk arrays to ensure that even if the disks fail, there will be a mirror image available. Managing files is so easy because you can use an FTP client, a web interface or through the provider’s application.

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