Syncing On A Whole New Level

With all of this talk and demand for file syncing, it makes you wonder how consistency plays a key role in our lives.  Nowadays, it’s a necessity for us to have access to any file wherever we go, because it makes life simpler.  Work files, photos, projects, you name it; we sigh with relief when they’re available to us no matter where we are.  We use different programs, various mobile and desktop devices and complain about how we can’t get that same simplicity with everything we use.  Consistency makes life simple.

Skimming the web this morning, I came across a recent technology blog from the New York Times solving the difficulty and inconvenience of multiple interface technology.  With many users desiring for the ease of a mobile device interface on other electronic devices, Apple and Windows are changing the game to supply just that.  Both using different variations of those colorful bubble-like boxes, Apple users will now see the interface and capability distinctive to iPhones on iPads, desktops, MacBooks, etc.  Windows will even install this new design to the Xbox interface for even more uniformity among their product line and for the ease of user experience.  Ask and you shall receive, right?

Of course, you know where this is leading: the elimination of stationary, desktop devices.  In my opinion, it’s a good thing, mostly because our needs have changed.  No longer do we need a physical place to do work, but we now need a means of doing work anywhere.  With the rise of teleworkers and on-the-go working, desktops have no place in society unless lugging around the cords and equipment is acceptable in your books.

The best part?  The fear of switching to newer mobile devices is solved with a common interface.  Many people are nervous about change mostly due to the learning process of understanding a brand new interface, program, etc.  With these consistent interfaces, the switch from stationary to mobile is even smoother.

With the ease of file sharing and now mobile devices, you’ll be able to do whatever you want, when you want.  The perfect life.

To read more on the New York Times article, click here.

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