This Is What We Value…

Every business has values…or they should at least.  Values in a company define who its people are, what they stand for, and what they’re working towards.  Company values are determined by the working people, not the entity itself, mostly because the people behind that wall of marketing and business identity are the ones running the show.  So, in short, we’ve established our values, and we’d like to share them with you.

Value #1:  World-class talent

We value exceptional people with extraordinary talent.  Of course, running a company such as ours isn’t a one-person job.  We realize our individual weaknesses, appreciate other people’s strengths, and surround ourselves with those that compliment our skillsets.

Value #2:  Usability

Simplicity.  We don’t want our product to be confusing or difficult to understand.  So, as a result, we work hard to make things easy for our customers.

Value #3:  Stability and Reliability    

We don’t want to be just another company to do business with.  We hold ourselves accountable as a company to our customers and to each other as coworkers to create a very consistently supportive environment.

Value #4:  Relationships matter

Our tech guys work right alongside customer service reps, our president, and our marketing geniuses.  We’re close-knit, and that’s important.  And if that means taking some time out of our day to go grab lunch or talk about the world’s fastest gunslinger (that topic has come up before), then that’s what it takes to keep us connected simply as people.

Value #5:  Be socially responsible

It’s important for us to maintain the environment we live in, especially since we, as a file sharing company, essentially influence the business world to become paper-less.  Our leaf logo even represents the notion that we support eco-friendliness.  Not only do we support a ‘green’ world, but we set dates for our office to go help out the community together.

SmartFile is a business file mangement platform that gives you more control, compliance and security.