When you think of your favorite throwback game, what comes to mind? In honor of SysAdmin Day on July 29th, we asked Spiceheads which video games they loved and fondly remembered.

Now, we know Spiceheads run the gamut of ages, so “throwback” means a little something different to everyone. To include everyone, we created a list of all the video games, their systems and the years they were released as well as some observations from contributors. Have fun sorting through these “throwback” games and let us know if we missed your favorite in the comments below!

You can sort the table by each column for a view by game name, year or platform!

Video Game Name Original N.A. Release Date Original Platforms
Age of Empires 1997 Microsoft Windows
Age of Empires 2 1999 Microsoft Windows
Age of Empires 3 1999 Mac OS
Alternate Reality: The Dungeon 1987 Atari 8-bit family
Alternate Reality: The Dungeon 1987 Commodore 64/Commodore 128
Alternate Reality: The Dungeon 1987 Apple II
Breakout 1976 Arcade
Breath of Fire 3 1998 Playstation
Command & Conquer: Generals 2003 Microsoft Windows
Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2 2000 Microsoft Windows
Carmageddon 1997 Microsoft Windows
Carmageddon 1997 Mac OS
Castle of the Wind 1993 Microsoft Windows
Castlevania 1987 NES
Centipede 1980 Arcade
Choplifter III 1994 NES
Chrono Trigger 1995 Super NES
Contra 1987 Arcade
Counter-Strike 1.6 2003 PC
Crash Bandicoot Warped 1998 Playstation
Diablo I 1996 Microsoft Windows
Diablo II 2000 Microsoft Windows
Diablo II 2000 Mac OS
Doom 1 1993 MS-DOS
Doom 2 1994 MS-DOS
Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde 1988 NES
Dragon Warrior 1989 NES
Dragon’s Lair 1983 Arcade
Fable Series 2004 Xbox
Fable Series 2004 Microsoft Windows
Fable Series 2004 Mac OS X
Final Fantasy 4 1991 Super NES
Final Fantasy 6 1994 Super NES
Final Fantasy Series 1990 NES
Galaga 1981 Arcade
Gears of War Series 2006 Xbox 360
Golden Eye 007 1997 N64
Grand Theft Auto 1997 Microsoft Windows
Grand Theft Auto 1997 MS-DOS
Grand Theft Auto 2 1999 Microsoft Windows
Grand Theft Auto 2 1999 Playstation
HALO Series 2001 Xbox
Heroes of Might and Magic III 1999 Microsoft Windows
Heroes of Might and Magic II 1996 DOS
Heroes of Might and Magic II 1996 Macintosh
Heroes of Might and Magic II 1996 Microsoft Windows
Heroes of Might and Magic II 1996 RISC OS
King of Fighters ’95 1995 Arcade
King of Fighters ’96 1995 Neo Geo home console
Legend of Zelda 1986 NES
Mega Man 2 1989 NES/Famicom
Metroid Series 1987 NES
Metroid, Super 1994 SNES
Millipede 1992 Arcade
Moon Patrol 1982 Arcade
Mortal Kombat 1992 Arcade
Myst 1993 Apple Macintosh
PacMan 1980 Arcade
Phantasy Star Online 2001 Sega Dreamcast
Phoenix 1980 Arcade
Pitfall! 1982 Atari 2600
Pole Position 1982 Arcade
Quakeworld/Team Fortress 1999 Windows
Sim City 2000 2000 Mac OS
Sim City 2001 2000 Amiga
Sim City 2002 2000 DOS
Street Fighter 1987 Arcade
Street Fighter Alpha 3 1998 Arcade
Streets of Rage 1991 Sega Genesis
Streets of Rage 2 1992 Sega Genesis
Stunts 1990 DOS
Stunts 1990 Amiga
Stunts 1990 NEC PC-9801
Super Mario 3 1990 NES
Super Mario Brothers 1985 NES
Super Mario RPG 1996 NES
Target: Renegade 1988 Armstrad CPC
Target: Renegade 1988 Commodore 64
Target: Renegade 1988 ZX Spectrum
Tecmo Bowl 1987 Arcade
Test Drive 4 1997 Playstation
Theme Hospital 1997 MS-DOS
Starcraft Series 1998 Microsoft Windows
Star Wars Tie Fighter 1994 DOS
Star Wars Tie Fighter 1994 Macintosh
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 1989 NES
TOCA Touring Cars 1997 Playstation
Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos 2002 Microsoft Windows
Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos 2002 Mac OS
WarCraft Series 1994 MS-DOS
Warlock 1995 Sega Genesis
Warlock 1995 Super NES
Warlords 1980 Arcade

Here’s what some Spiceheads had to say:

“I had to think about it for a minute, but just a minute. Mega Man 2. The real heyday of Mega Man. It was one of those magical games where you could really sense how much the team really wanted to make it as good as it could be. Still one of gaming’s most legendary soundtracks.”



“To throw all the way back, my parents had, and probably still own, an Atari 7800 I played a lot when I was little.”



Counter Strike 1.6 on PC. I was majorly competitive in that until I had to quit cold turkey or I would end up divorced.



“Super Mario RPG was my gateway into other RPGs, just as Street Fighter Alpha 3 really kicked off my love for fighting games, and Phantasy Star Online got me into online games and eventually MMOs. These three will always hold a special place for me and while there are better games, I will never have fonder memories than of these.”



“There are so many! Let’s just say that to this day, I cannot walk past a Galaga or Ms. Pac-Man machine without dropping in a quarter.”


Psst…stay tuned for SysAdmin Day festivities coming to you this Friday.

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