‘You’ Time: Our Work-Life Balance Policy

‘You’ Time.  We created it.  And we take it very seriously.  One of the perks of working here at SmartFile is having an understanding environment of your personal life outside of the office.  You could call it unlimited vacation days.  You could even call it unlimited sick days.  Honestly, it’s a value of your work-life balance, something that it important to you, so we bump it up here on our priority list, too.

So, how do we stay productive in the office, you ask?  Do our employees take advantage of our ‘You’ Time policy?  What you find here at SmartFile is that our workers come into the office just as much as any other job.  We have our duties, responsibilities, and tasks to get completed, so of course, we need to come into work to make sure those are taken care of.  Rather than the tense nature of having an allotted amount of sick/vacation days at any other job, SmartFile eases that stress and lets you create your own schedule.  Don’t worry, no penalties for being a minute late to your desk.  ‘You’ Time thrives on personal responsibility, leaving SmartFile in the hands of its workers and not on restricting vacation/sick leave policies.

Sound like an environment that you would enjoy?  Check out our job postings at http://www.smartfile.com/careers.html.  We’d love to hear from you.

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