Transferring Files Using a Command Line FTP Client

Most operating systems already have an FTP client included. You can use this utility to upload files to a storage server without the need for additional software. Here is a step by step process of transferring files to an FTP server.

For the Windows operating system, open the command prompt and type ftp then hit enter to run the command line FTP client.
Connect to the host server by typing open [hostname/IP address] then hit enter. Once connected, enter your user name and password.
If you need to go to a different folder, you can use the cd command. lcd is the command to set the working directory of your computer.
You then set the file transfer mode to Binary or ASCII text mode. Binary is used for transferring media files like videos, music, images and applications. ASCII mode is used for text based files like javascript, css, html and txt.
Transfer files by using the put and get commands. The put command is for uploading files and the get command is for downloading files.
Use the disconnect command to disconnect from the server. Then use quit to exit from the utility.
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